TOGAF and COBIT Work Together

TOGAF which is one of the most successful methods and strategies for structural architecture for databases and technological systems is now being used along with COBIT in order to gain the best results. TOGAF is one of the most famous training courses in the world which is now being used up and down the country by all kinds of industries. The TOGAF 9 training course is one of a kind and is thought to be the difference between success and failure in the industry.

TOGAF; The Open Group Architecture Framework and COBIT; Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies are thought to be two sides of the same coin. Therefore they work to complement one another in business. Due to the fact they complement one another it is thought by many large organisations that one cannot be used without the other in play at the same time. If a company refuses to do this then they are potentially sacrificing productivity, money and their competitive advantage over other companies.

The reason TOGAF 9 and COBIT work so well together is because; TOGAF is based on management whilst COBIT’s main focus is on the governance side. Therefore when both methods are mixed they can work together to help an organisation succeed. TOGAF training teaches individuals how to approach designing, manufacturing and planning in light with enterprise architecture and therefore it is handy for any TOGAF professional to have even a basic knowledge of COBIT. This will help the individual make the most of their TOGAF certification.

TOGAF has become really famous over the last few years, especially with its new updates; TOGAF 9 currently available. In fact it has done so well recently that it has now become a registered trademark in the United States of America along with many other countries.

TOGAF; unlike many other methodologies focuses on the free flow of information and how to adapt a process in order for it to work comprehensively. Therefore, once the TOGAF training course has been completed managers are able to bridge any gap between the control requirements, technical issues and business risks. Therefore with TOGAF in play, there is no room for failure.

Further to this, TOGAF also kicks off the architectural side to any business, it has the ability to model any IT system in order for it to function well for the given company or business. It is important that the IT system put in place works well for the company in order to succeed.

Therefore, TOGAF can be used alongside other methodologies but it also functions well alone. It is stubborn and strong in its theories and has the highest success rate.

These are just some of the reasons; more people are taking the TOGAF training course now than ever before.

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