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TOGAF; The Million Dollar Approach

When Apple Inc released their quarterly results, the world was shocked to see the profits rolling in. they had topped the charts once again, thanks to the employees hard work, the project managers diligence and also to the TOGAF!

Amazed?? It is true, most of the multinationals who are faring so well in the corporate world and implementing TOGAF energetically. TOGAF- the Open Group Architectural Framework is the modern day messiah for the world of professionals. TOGAF 9 which deals primarily with developing architecture of your enterprise is the best that you can lay your hand upon. Having a TOGAF Certification in your hand means that you just know about the IT Systems of your company, and then I must say that you are wrong. TOGAF provides you with the skills and expertise to make your IT support systems simpler, safer and more structurally sound. When you will have a TOGAF Certification degree in your hand, it does not primarily mean that you just have the basic knowledge about how your company is dealing with information and infrastructure. Furthermore, with the degree, you strive to make your company’s Information Technology Department stronger, better and more reliable.  More than that TOGAF strives to make your company structurally sound. Apart from this, many multinationals lose a large amount of their budget funds due to unnecessary, extravagant expenses. These expenses are often one of the major reasons that many of the multinationals become bankrupt. TOGAF is a key to stop this too! TOGAF prevents the profligate expenses and makes the corporation financially sound too. Therefore, TOGAF gets you added profits, decreased IT costs, and takes your company towards the path of success.

When working with a multinational, it is very important to know and comprehend well where the company’s finances are going. In an increasing demand for IT systems in almost all the corporations throughout the world, it is essential to know the working and the channelization of the funds in the IT Department. Let me tell you mind boggling news. In a survey conducted by the United States, it was found out that almost 50% of the company’s revenues are used extensively for the organizations were being wasted in the working of the IT departments. Isn’t it gross?? Yes, it definitely is. These redundant revenues are paving out as one of the lethal hindrance in the company’s path of success.

Just imagine, if this much revenue was used someplace else, how beneficial it would have been for the company. A TOGAF 9 training Certified professional works in the channelization and implementation of these redundant revenues into more feasible and better worked upon ways. This way, it is guaranteed that the finances are being used comprehensively and are not just thrown away.

There is an increasing need for professionals who are TOGAF qualified and are better able to manage and handle the projects. Therefore, don’t let time run by, as time is money. Go, grab a TOGAF Training and clear the certification exam. I am sure, with the degree in your hand, you would be able to conquer the world.

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