Prince2; Project Management

Sitting in the balcony of the cottage. Slurping warm tea in the breeze. Watching a sky full of stars. Life seems like a serene stream.

But the situation is different nowadays. Meeting demands of huge projects is a big trouble. But PRINCE2 is such an approach which will prepare an individual to face hard tasks with much ease. It works on various principles and themes for managing a project. So PRINCE2 makes the whole gargantuan thing so simple with the help of its stepwise methodologies. Stepwise process of PRINCE2 begins with starting up of project which includes appointing of team and outline of project is described. The key activities in this stage of PRINCE2 includes appointing project members, project briefing, explaining what project aims at , appointing project management team and planning the next stage of the project.

The second step of PRINCE2 is to initiate the project. It includes quality maintenance of the project, elaborate study of the case and the risks associated with it. Initiating step of PRINCE 2 also involves setting of project control and assembling it .Thus we can say that stage one and two of PRINCE 2 serves as road map for the project . Hence such ordered and disciplined approach will make things more simplified. So, PRINCE2 reduces the chances of blunders in a project by preventing entangled situation.

The Third step in PRINCE2 involves directing a project. It emphasize on gripping control on overall project. Major steps in this include authorizing initiation, authorizing a stage, giving ad- hoc direction and confirming project closure.

The Fourth step in PRINCE2 is controlling a stage. PRINCE2 alludes that project should be divided into stages. These stages are further controlled. Controlling stage in PRINCE 2 is important for proper execution of project. Major steps include authorizing work package, assessing progress by taking re-examining status of stage .Project issues are properly captured and examined and corrective actions are taken.

The Fifth step in PRINCE 2 is managing the stage boundaries. This step grinds down about the things which should be done at the end of stage. This step includes updating of the project plan, project business case, risk log, reporting highlights, corrective actions.

The Sixth step in PRINCE2 certification is managing product delivery. It involves acceptance of work package assigned to the team .Proper execution of the work. Products should be delivered according to the specifications.

The Last stage in PRINCE2 qualification is closing of the project. It involves decommissioning of the project. Identification of actions which are carried out.  And finally the evaluation of project is done.

Methodologies used in PRINCE 2 are product based planning in which product is studied in detail. Flow diagram is created, so that various tasks involved in it should be studied. Second methodology used in PRINCE 2 is change control in which processes used to bring change in product are introduced in controlled and organized manner. Last methodology used in PRINCE 2 is quality review technique to meet the required standards by eliminating errors.

Thus PRINCE2 training will develop abilities in you to manage the project tactfully. So, don't be afraid of huge projects because all is well with PRINCE2.

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