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Historic buildings in Madrid

Old Buildings

There are some historic buildings in modern Madrid that you should definitely try it and see. Already well established in medieval times, the city has some beautiful building dating from the Middle Ages. Head of the Plaza de la Villa and check the old prison of the French king François Lujanes housed in the tower. Nearby, there is a fantastic display of old newspapers, dating from 1900 and open daily for those interested in local history, housed in the Municipal Hemeroteca. Item no way you'll have to navigate narrow streets, but soon reach the church of San Nicolas de los Servitas. This red-brick church is the oldest in Madrid, despite its well-kept front. Enjoying a tour of Arab past thinking of Spain, is located near San Pedro el Real. A point of real interest is the old Moreria which still features Arabic.

After the reconquista in Spain was back in the hands of Christians. During the Habsburg Empire buildings in the city prospered. Near the main square you will find magnificent arcades that lead to the Plaza Mayor, which at the time like today was a lively meeting place and point of trade. In the past, the region was the center of entertainment and coronation, watched from the balconies of many challenges of place.

In the Plaza de la Villa, you will find the town hall and a little further, you reach the Palacio de los Vargas, which is an interesting structure of the 16th century, which holds even more interesting to local objects. It is also interesting to see the church of the Basilica of Atocha, which was completely destroyed during the time of Franco and eventually rebuilt and renovated in the 1950s. The city has many other nice places and places too numerous to mention here, including the famous Puerta del Sol and Plaza de las Descalzas among others, each with their own buildings and interesting stories and a very pleasant space to stroll.

Modern Madrid

In modern times Madrid has built and developed on its historical roots. As the city began to grow and the population began to rise, city planners were faced with the problem of expansion. However, there were a number of buildings which are of note - These include the telephone exchange, the club of Fine Arts and of course the Arc de Triomphe where you can find a another of the many places of Madrid - Plaza de la Moncloa. Finally, head to Plaza Picasso and see some of the newer buildings in Madrid.

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